Call Numbers Listed By Floor

Floor maps, with call numbers, for the Main & Science Libraries

How to Read a Call Number


Directory of Call Numbers at Main or Science Library



A-AZ (General Works) Main 2
B-BX (Philosophy, Psychology, Religion) Main 6
C-CT (Auxilliary Sciences of History) Main 2
D-DX (World History) Main 4
E-F (History of the Americas) Main 4
G-GE (Geography) Science 3
GF-GT (Anthropology and Folklore) Main 2
GV (Recreation) Main 2
H-HX (except HA1-35) (Social Sciences) Main 5
HA1-35 (Statistics) Science 3
J1-J999 (Government Documents) Main Sub-Basement or Science 4
JA-JX (Political Science) Main 6
K-KX (Law) Main 2
L-LT (Education) Main 2
LXC (Theses and Dissertations prior to 2001) Off-Site Repository
M-MT (Music) Main 2
N-NX (Fine Arts) Main 7
P-PZ (Language and Literature) Main 3
Q-QE (Physical Science) Science 3
QH-QR (Life Science) Science 4
R-SB450 (Medicine) Science 4
SB451-SB479 (Gardening) Main 7
SB480-SK (Agriculture) Science 4
T-TD (Technology-Engineering) Science 3
TE-TF (Technology-Highway and Railroad) Main 7
TG-TP785 (Technology-Construction and Electronics) Science 3
TP787-TP808 (Technology-Ceramics and Glass) Main 7
TP809-TP1185 (Technology-Textiles) Science 3
TR (Photography) Main 7
TS (Manufactures) Science 3
TT (Arts and Crafts) Main 7
TX (Home Economics) Science 3
U-VM (Military and Naval Science) Main 2
Y (Leisure Collection) Main 1
YS (Leisure Collection) Science 2
Z (Bibliography, Information Resources, and Library Science) Main 2 or Science 3