Study Spaces

Study spaces are limited to members of the UGA community and students with a valid college ID after 6 p.m. at the Main Library and the McBay Science Library, and after 9 p.m. at the Miller Learning Center.


Main Library

1st floor

Student works at a large table in open study space

Open Study Space - Front

At the front of the Main Library, you’ll find a variety of tables and soft seating with lots of natural light from large windows.

Students sit at computers in an area of curved tables. Some seats have computers, others do not.

Computer Area - Front

The area in the front corner features computers along with scanners and WEPA print kiosks. There is a help desk nearby. 

A large open area with a mix of desks, armchairs and semi-circular couches

Open Study Spaces - Rear

A large area in the rear of the Main Library offers many options including tables, individual spaces, and soft seating.

Student sit at individual tables with desktop computers

Computer Area - Rear

More computers are available at both ends of the rear section of the Main Library.

Two female undergrads sit at a round table, working on their laptops

Small Group Study Rooms

28 glass-walled study rooms for small groups of 2-4 people featuring white boards and power outlets. The rooms may be used on a first-come, first-served basis and are not reservable. The Group Study Room Locator in the UGA App shows how many rooms are available.

A couple of students work at one of the tables in a large room with glass walls

The Barr Seminar Room

This room accommodates groups of up to 12 people and may be reserved in 30-minute increments up to a maximum of 4 hours per day. It offers a large wall-mounted monitor and movable tables and whiteboard. Reserve room online.

Upper Floors

A young woman sits at a large table in an open area between book stacks

Open Study Spaces

Many large tables on floors 2-7 provide seating for individual or group study.

A warm space with tables and soft seating. Furniture is in a midcentury modern style.

Graduate Reading Room

On the 3rd floor, the Graduate Reading Room (open to all) is designated as a Silent Study area and overlooks the beautiful quad in front of the Main Library.

A group of students study and talk in a room with bright carpet

Collaborative Study Space

On the 4th floor, the Collaborative Study Space provides seating for groups to meet and discuss. The space features whiteboard walls, chalkboard columns, and a WEPA print kiosk.

A young man consults a book, standing next to a small study table by a window with a view of campus

Window Nooks

On floors 2-7 at the rear of the building, you can find both small and large tables with windows providing a great view of campus.

A view of several study carrels, small rooms with a table and a door for quiet, private study

Study Carrels

On the 3rd - 6th floors, individual study carrels are available for use by UGA affiliates. Study carrels can be reserved long-term by eligible UGA faculty and grad students. A small number of carrels are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students sit at individual cubicles, working on their laptops

Individual Study Spaces

On the 2nd floor, you can find individual cubicles for quiet study.

Lower Floors

Several students sit at individual cubicles, studying

Individual Study Spaces

In the basement of the Main Library, individual cubicles provide space for study in a quiet environment.

A large table for individual or group study in a cozy room with bookshelves and globes

MAGIL: Open Study Spaces

In the sub-basement of the Main Library, the Map & Government Information Library provides space for study or using library materials.

Round tables between book shelves

MAGIL: Open Study Spaces

Tables and individual spaces in the Map & Government Information Library, located in the sub-basement of the Main Library, provide an ideal space for quiet study.

McBay Science Library

2nd floor (entry level)

Students sit at a variety of tables, some for groups, some for individuals, some low, some high

Open Study Space

A variety of seating options and lots of natural light make a great environment for study or discussion.


People sit at desks with computers, with decorative dividers between them

Open Study Space with Computers

On the 2nd floor of McBay, you’ll find plenty of seating for study, plus computers that you can use.

Students sit at comfortable restaurant-style booths

Study Booths

A wing of study booths provide comfy seating for study and discussion.

Upper Floors

Students work at a variety of tables, in armchairs and on sofas

Open Study Spaces, Floors 3-4

On the upper floors of McBay, both ends of the building provide lots of seating options for study.

A row of study carrels, small rooms with a table and a door for privacy and quiet

Study Carrels

On the 3rd - 4th floors, individual study carrels are available for use by UGA affiliates. Study carrels can be reserved long-term by eligible UGA faculty and grad students. A small number of carrels are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Miller Learning Center

Students sit at individual study cubicles featuring beautiful wooden furniture

Study Spaces with Workstations

The MLC has over 200 individual spaces with computer workstations located on floors 3 Central, 3 East, and 4 East.

A group of students sit at a table while another student writes on a whiteboard

Group Study Rooms

95 group study rooms located on MLC floors 2-4 are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Large screens on each floor display how many group study rooms are available, or you can view the Group Study Room Locator in the UGA App.

Students sit in silent study at rows of long, wooden tables in a beautiful room

Sidney Samuel Thomas Reading Room

On the MLC 3rd floor, the Reading Room is a quiet study space with a maximum capacity of 100. It also contains a small non-circulating book collection.

Other Main Campus Libraries

A large table in front of a big window with lots of light, surrounded by shelves of art books

Art Library

The Art Library in Room N201 at the Lamar Dodd School of Art includes a group study room and two computer workstations.

Large and small study tables and computer workstations

Curriculum Materials Library

The Curriculum Materials Library, located in room 207 of Aderhold Hall, provides study spaces and computer workstations for the Mary Frances Early College of Education.

A cozy rooms with tables seating 4 people, some with computer workstations

Music Library

The Music Library, located in Room 350 on the 3rd floor of the Hugh Hodgson School of Music, provides study spaces and computer workstations.

Health Sciences Campus

Large, beautiful wooden tables in a traditional Carnegie library setting with ornate walls and a high ceiling

Carnegie Library Learning Center - Main Level

The Carnegie Library Learning Center supports the UGA College of Public Health and Medical Partnership programs on the Health Sciences Campus. The main level features large study tables in an ornate room with a high ceiling. 

Students work in a room with movable tables and chairs

Carnegie Library Learning Center - Lower Level

The lower level features 2 group study rooms and 7 computer workstations. Medical Partnership and College of Public Health graduate students have after-hours card swipe access to the lower level from Sunday 10pm to Friday 2am.