Individuals must present their Dependent UGA ID card and a UGA Libraries' Dependent Voucher, signed by the sponsoring UGA-affiliated person, to library staff in the Access Services Department to have library borrowing privileges assigned.

Dependents of currently employed faculty and staff and currently enrolled students at the University of Georgia are permitted to borrow materials from the UGA Libraries. The Libraries will notify dependents of any and all obligations incurred. Final responsibility for these obligations is assumed by the sponsoring faculty, staff or student, agreed to by the signature on the Dependent Voucher.

Dependent borrowing privileges are based on the continuing employment of the UGA faculty/staff member or the current enrollment of the UGA student. Library card expiration dates for dependents are set according to established Library protocol: limit of 1 year for a faculty/staff dependent and the end of the current semester for a student dependent. Borrowing privileges may be renewed as appropriate with submission of a new form. Termination of a dependent relationship will also terminate these borrowing privileges. If borrowing privileges are requested, please note the following:

The Libraries will make a reasonable attempt to retrieve any materials borrowed or collect any fines owed by this dependent. However, the sponsoring faculty, staff, or student is ultimately responsible for any fines, fees, or other library obligations owed by the dependent to the UGA Libraries. Also, in order to request borrowing privileges for a dependent, the sponsoring UGA affiliate's own library records must be clear of all obligations.

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