Regular cleaning can keep your laptop functioning properly—crumbs in the hinge and dust in keys can disrupt connections and result in hardware failures. Please do not eat or drink over the laptop.

Patrons agree to take reasonable measures to prevent damage to the laptop and associated charger over the course of the loan. This includes—but is not limited to:

  • Careful handling
  • Regular cleaning
  • Placing laptop only on stable surfaces
  • Transporting the laptop in an individual bag or padded/protective bag section


Patrons agree to exercise basic cybersecurity measures to avoid the downloading of malware or other security risks to the laptop.

Patrons agree to report damage/malfunction to the laptop in a timely manner. For superficial damage which does not affect the functioning of the laptop, a timely manner is at the conclusion of the loan. For damage which interferes with the functioning of the laptop and may require repair, a timely manner is within 2 business days of the damage occurring. Damage to the laptop necessitating repairs may result in blocking from the program. Patrons may be held responsible for cost of repairs. For more details, see the Malfunction and Damages sections below.

Patrons agree to report loss or theft of the laptop to both the UGA Libraries and the UGA Police Department as soon as the loss or theft have been noticed. For more information, see the Loss/Theft section.