ORCID Video Tutorials

  1. What is ORCID?
  2. How to edit your name on your ORCID record.
  3. How to add education information to your ORCID record.
  4. How to import your works into your ORCID record.
  5. How to add employment affiliation to your ORCID record.

ORCID Text Tutorials

At UGA, the easiest way to register for an ORCID iD is through your profile in UGA Elements (video tutorial).


Alternatively, you can begin at the ORCID Community website to create your ORCID profile: https://orcid.org/register

Fill out the biographical information requested.

Provide an email address.

On this form, you will also be requested to choose a visibility setting, meaning who can see your profile. The visibility settings available are: Everyone, Trusted Parties, or Only me. A detailed explanation of visibility settings is available.

You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of use. The link to those are provided.

Lastly, you will click Register. Once you have done that, your ORCID ID is created.


How to complete your ORCID profile

After you register for your ORCID ID, you will receive an email to the email account you specified in your form.

Check your email and click the Confirm email account you received from ORCID.

The email confirmation will provide you with your 16- digit ORCID ID. Go to your profile by clicking on your 16-digit ORCID ID.

Fill out your biographical and other information, including your publications on your profile. There are video tutorials above to help you.


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