Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can get an ORCID ID? Are there any special requirements for ORCID membership?

Anybody can register for an ORCID ID in minutes. There are no special requirements for ORCID membership. Having an active scholarship record helps you make the most of your ORCID ID.


2. What other platforms can I link my ORCID ID to?

You can link your ORCID ID to UGA Elements, SCOPUS, Author ID, ResearcherID, Digital Science Dimensions. ORCID is integrating with other systems rapidly.


3. How do I know if I already have an ORCID account?

If you haven’t registered for an ORCID account, you will not have established one. But if you are unsure whether or not you registered, read the Check section of our ORCID@UGA Registration page.


4. What’s the advantage of connecting my UGA Elements profile to my ORCID ID?

UGA Elements currently uses your ORCID ID in three ways:

  1. Publication searches will automatically claim any publications associated with your ORCID ID

  2. Your ORCID profile publication list will act as another source of publications for the Elements search engine to populate your Elements publication list

  3. You can authorize Elements to write to your ORCID profile your publications and affiliation information. 


5. How does ORCID handle privacy of my information?

When you create an ORCID account, you have full control of the privacy of your information. Be sure to review the Privacy Settings in your account to customize access to your information. Privacy Settings include the options of making your information Public, Private, or available to Trusted Parties.


6. What are Trusted Parties? What information will a Trusted Party have?

A Trusted Party is an organizational member of ORCID with which you can connect your information. For example, UGA is a Trusted Party member of ORCID. You will always be asked to authorize access to your information by Trusted Parties; every portion of your data can be assigned one of the three levels of privacy: Public, Private, or available to Trusted Parties.