ORCID@UGA Registration

Create & Connect Your ORCID Account to the University of Georgia


Go to orcid.org to see if you already have an ORCID iD. Once there, go to the gray search box at the very top of the page and type in your name. The default search is the ORCID Registry.


Registering for an ORCID iD is quick and easy. You only need to provide an email address and choose a password to get started. Once the account is created, you will be assigned your unique ORCID iD, and you will be able to more fully develop your ORCID profile.

At UGA, the easiest way to register for an ORCID iD is through your profile in UGA Elements (video tutorial).


By connecting your ORCID iD to UGA, you will allow UGA access to the 'trusted affiliation' and public-level information you choose to share from your ORCID record.

Currently, this connection is through UGA Elements (for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students). Once you have registered and obtained your ORCID iD, go to Optimize publication search to learn how to assign your ORCID iD to your Elements profile. Then go to How to connect your ORCiD account to learn how to authorize UGA Elements to access your ORCID profile.

You always maintain complete control over your ORCID record, including what is shown and shared with UGA and the general public.