New Zoom Booths Open for Reservations at MLC, McBay Library

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A new space option at two of UGA’s largest study spaces provides students with privacy while they attend virtual meetings or take proctored exams.

Six new Zoom Booths have been installed at the Miller Learning Center and the McBay Science Library. The small glass-walled booths are available via online registration for special uses, such as virtual job interviews.

“During a busy day of classes, students sometimes need a private space to get online for a virtual session or to take an online proctored exam free of distractions. These Zoom Booths will enable students to have that bit of needed privacy in the midst of our busiest study facilities,” said Toby Graham, university librarian and associate provost.

The Zoom Booths were purchased with Student Technology Fee funding. The booths can be reserved in 30-minute increments for up to two hours.

While students may use the open floor collaborative study spaces at the Main Library, McBay Science Library, and Miller Learning Center for virtual meetings, the Zoom Booth setting adds a level of privacy needed for events such as online interviews. If the booths are booked, during a time needed, we recommend you reach out to the Career Center for other options.

Other spaces available for distraction-free online proctored exams include the small private study carrels at the Main and McBay Libraries, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Q. What is the purpose of a Zoom Booth?

A. These Zoom Booths are open to students and other members of the UGA community who need an enclosed space for a Zoom meeting or for a proctored exam. You can plug your laptop inside and feel free to talk as needed. These booths are not intended for regular quiet study, so please be courteous and reserve use for the appropriate need.

Q. How do I reserve a Zoom Booth?

A. Sign in with your myID and reserve a Zoom Booth on our website. You can reserve in 30-minute increments for up to two hours. If the booths are empty, they are first-come, first-served, but we recommend you check the reservation in case the booth is reserved by another user before you have finished your exam or interview.

Q. Are there other options for getting on Zoom?

A. Students are welcome to participate in Zoom or virtual meetings in collaborative study areas at UGA Libraries locations, although we know it might be difficult to find a place that is private. As a reminder, group study rooms are not designated for individual use. Check with the Career Center for an interview room, if you are meeting with a potential employer.

Q. What about for online exams?

A. Small carrels at UGA’s Main Library or the McBay Science Library may accommodate your testing need, if you need a place that has no distractions. These spots aren’t ideal for Zoom because they are in quiet study areas. Please ask at the service desk at Main or McBay if you would like to request a carrel space, which are first-come, first-served.

Reminder: Zoom Booths are not designated for individual quiet study. Please be courteous and vacate the booth when you have concluded your exam or virtual meeting.

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