We have printers, scanners, and photocopiers.

Black & white printing is 9¢ per single-sided page and 17¢ double-sided, and color printing is 60¢ per single-sided page and $1.00 double-sided. Scanning is free.

To pay for printing, use your UGA card with Bulldog Bucks, or pay using a debit/credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Venmo (20¢ surcharge per job unless you deposit at least $5 to a WEPA account). You may print to WEPA from a library computer, using a USB drive, or by uploading your documents to a WEPA account.

To photocopy, scan the document and send to a WEPA printing kiosk, and for payment use your UGA card with Bulldog Bucks or use a debit or credit card.


All WEPA kiosks can be operated touch-free by using the WEPA app on your phone or tablet. 


Main Library:

  • 2 WEPA, 2 ScannX scanners in computer area, front of 1st floor
  • 1 WEPA in back of 1st floor
  • 1 WEPA in 4th floor collaborative study space

McBay Science Library:

  • 1 WEPA machine, 2 ScannX scanners and 2 flatbed scanners on 2nd (entry-level) floor
  • 1 WEPA on 3rd floor
  • 3D printers in the Makerspace -- training session required before use


Miller Learning Center:

See the MLC website for information about printing and scanning.


Map & Government Information Library:

The Map & Government Information Library (MAGIL) in the sub-basement of the Main Library offers scanning of large format items (anything larger than 8.5" x 11") from the Libraries' collections.

See the MAGIL website for further information about scanning.


Russell Special Collections building:

See the Special Collections Libraries website for information about requesting reproductions.

Curriculum Materials Library

The Curriculum Materials Library located in Aderhold Hall offers a photocopier/scanner, a printer (black-and-white only) and a 3-D printer.

Music Library

The Music Library located in the School of Music has a photocopier that can also scan.


Art Library

The Art Library located in the Lamar Dodd School of Art has a large flatbed scanner. There is one WEPA kiosk outside of the library across the lobby.


Vet Med Reading Room

The Veterinary Medicine Reading Room offers one WEPA kiosk and one ScannX scanner.

Carnegie Library

The Carnegie Library Learning Center at the UGA Health Sciences Campus has one WEPA kiosk and one ScannX scanner.



Printing from Microfilm and Microfiche

The Main Library has five microfilm and microfiche reader/print machines. Printing is free on these machines. The machines attached to computers also allow you save document scans to a USB/flash drive or email documents.


Printing from your own laptop, flash drive, or the cloud

The Main and Science Libraries and the Miller Learning Center support the WEPA print kiosk system. WEPA kiosks will accept payment from Bulldog Bucks, visitor cards, and debit/credit cards.

Connecting a laptop to WEPA:
You can install WEPA as a printer on your personal laptop: Instructions for PC; Instructions for Mac

Connecting via mobile app:
WEPA provides apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Using a flash drive (or other USB storage device) with a WEPA kiosk:
Insert the device, look on the kiosk screen for the document to be printed.

Using the WEPA Cloud:
Any device with an internet connection can upload a document into your WEPA cloud account. (Use your MyID or register to set up an account.) After uploading a document, you can access that same cloud account on the WEPA kiosk and choose your document(s) to print.