The Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) serves as the executive committee of the Libraries' Faculty. It consists of a Chair, a Vice chair/chair-elect, two General Members serving two-year staggered terms, a Secretary serving a one-year term, the four current Chairs of the Libraries' Faculty standing committees, any University Council Representative who is also a member of the Libraries Faculty, and the University Librarian ex officio. The Vice chair/chair-elect is elected for two years, serving a one year term as Vice chair and Chair, respectively. 

See: Faculty Advisory Board Members for a current list.

The Board ordinarily meets at least once a month. The group elects from among its members a Secretary for the Board and the Libraries' Faculty meetings. The duties of the FAB Secretary are as follows:

  1. To announce meetings of and distribute the agenda for meetings of the Faculty Advisory Board and Libraries Faculty.
  2. To maintain the roll of active members of the Faculty Advisory Board; and record the names of those attending Libraries Faculty meetings.
  3. To record and distribute minutes of Faculty Advisory Board meetings and archive them in a location accessible to all Libraries Faculty members.
  4. To record minutes of Libraries Faculty meetings; distribute them to the Libraries Faculty for approval; and archive the approved minutes in a location accessible to all Libraries Faculty members.

The Board members serve as a liaison between the Libraries' Faculty and the University Librarian. The members raise and discuss matters concerning the Libraries' mission and goals, issues pertaining to the Libraries' Faculty governance and welfare, and any other matters of general concern. On request, the Board serves as a sounding board for the University Librarian. The Board may charge standing committees with special assignments or investigations which fall within their purview. The Board may also appoint ad hoc committees which it deems necessary. Lastly, the Board is responsible for setting the agenda for all Libraries' Faculty meetings. 

To submit items for discussion by FAB, please use the FAB Communication Form or email the FAB Chair at