Food, Drink & Tobacco Policy

Food and Drink

To support the lively, relaxed and collegial atmosphere we have designed for the Zell B. Miller Learning Center, food and drink are permitted throughout the building.

This relaxed food and drink policy requires the assistance of building users in maintaining a neat and clean environment in this beautiful facility. You can assist us by:

  • Containing drinks in bottles that can be reclosed (screw-top) or in other spill-proof containers such as travel mugs or sports bottles to avoid accidental spills
  • Disposing of trash and empty containers properly
  • Wiping up crumbs and small spills

We know that food and beverage accidents will happen, so don't hesitate to alert Miller Learning Center personnel when these occur. Miller Learning Center custodial staff will work quickly to address the problem area.


Alcohol and Tobacco

In accordance with the University and University System of Georgia regulations, the use of tobacco products or alcohol and other drugs is not permitted. University of Georgia policy prohibits smoking in all University facilities and in outdoor areas adjacent to facilities. E-cigarettes (personal vaporizers) are also prohibited in Libraries facilities, such as the Miller Learning Center. Patrons in violation of these policies will be required to leave the Miller Learning Center.

Thank you for your cooperation. We strive to keep the Miller Learning Center well maintained for your use for years to come.