Held at the University of Georgia, May 1, 2012.


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The Wormsloe Institute for Environmental History – Research and Graduate Education Program
Sarah Ross (President WIEH)

Observing Due Measure: The Work of the UGA-CED Cultural Landscape Laboratory at Wormsloe
Dr. Eric MacDonald (UGA College of Environment and Design)

A Conceptual Site and Building Design at Wormsloe
Dr. Umit Yilmaz (College of Environment and Design)

Advanced Geospatial Technologies at Wormsloe
Dr. Tommy Jordan (Department of Geography, CRMS)

Explorations in the Use of Geospatial Technologies for Landscape Interpretation
Wes Ryals (Wormsloe Fellow, College of Environment and Design)

Longterm Vegetation Monitoring, Forest Structure and Landuse Legacy at Wormsloe
Dr. Marguerite Madden (Department of Geography, CRMS) and Carey Burda (Wormsloe Fellow, Department of Geography, CRMS)

Integrating Dendrochronology with Environmental History to Reconstruct Landscape Dynamics at Wormsloe
Drs. Albert and Kathy Parker (Department of Geography)

Combining Field Surveys and Remote Sensing to Assess Wildlife
Nancy O’Hare (Wormsloe Fellow, Department of Geography, CRMS)

Interplay Between Lipids, Stress, Parasites, and Immunity in Migrating Songbirds
Emily Cornelius (Wormsloe Fellow, Odum School of Ecology)

Recreating Surface Wetlands for Biological Wastewater Treatment
Dr. Ron Carroll (Associate Dean Odum School of Ecology, Co-Director River Basin Center)

Archaeological Activities at Wormsloe
Dr. Erv Garrison (Departments of Geology and Anthropology) and Jessica Cook (Wormsloe Fellow, Department of Geology and Anthropology)

Evaluation of Tree Condition and Development of a Management Strategy for the Oak Allée at Wormsloe
Dr. Larry Morris (Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources) and Shannon Baughman (Bartlett Tree Experts)